Andreas Aicher: Using biochar for the purification of gray water in a green facade module

Biochar offers versatile applications, however, one niche is still in the early stages. Biochar’s many positive physical properties can be applied in waste water management for purification purposes. The VertiKKA project for example uses biochar in facade greening modules to purify gray water. This approach allows waste water treatment directly where it occurs, city cooling and provides irrigation water among many other advantages of this technology. Andreas Aicher is a research fellow and doctoral candidate at the Bauhaus-University in Weimar. His field of work includes innovative sanitary systems (NASS), the integration of (waste) water into circular systems for cities and research of new technologies for waste water treatment. Within the VertiKKA (vertical climate wastewater treatment plant) project he is supervising the gray water purification performance.

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