Elena Vorrath: Doping? Yes, please! How enhanced weathering boosts PyCCS to the next level

A combination of enhanced weathering with PyCCS but also the co-pyrolysis of rock powder and biomass (“mineral-doping”) are assumed to provide several synergies on CDR potential, carbon content stability and nutrient provision. In PyMiCCS, lab, field and model studies investigate nutrient abundance/retention, hydrology, soil biota and trace metals. Dr. Maria-Elena Vorrath, a marine geologist, biogeochemist and science slammer, is fed up by political inaction and ignorance of the climate crisis. For fast scalable CDR she looks at synergies of enhanced rock weathering with PyCCS in agriculture in the BMBF funded project PyMiCCS (part of CDRterra). Fasten your seatbelts, there’s no time to waste!

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