Kathleen Draper: Constructioning with Carbon

Constructing with carbon, particularly biochar, is beginning to attack significant attention. Using long lasting carbon in buildings and the surrounding infrastructure could create enormous sequestration opportunities while also creating closed loop scenarios to deal with construction debris. This talk will highlight both academic research and commercialization related to the use of biochar in diverse building materials.

Kathleen Draper is the owner of Finger Lakes Biochar which is focused on biochar activities in New York State and the US Director of the Ithaka Institute for Carbon Intelligence which has a global focus for biochar activities. She has been deeply involved in many areas of biochar research, education and consulting with companies new to the biochar industry. Kathleen is the Board Chair of the International Biochar Initiative and is Vice Chair of the U.S. Biochar Initiative. She is a co-author of “BURN: Using Fire to Cool the Earth” as well as “Terra Preta: How the World’s Most Fertile Soil Can Help Reverse Climate Change and Reduce World Hunger”.

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