Nadav Ziv: ‘CompoChar’ – The new black soilless growing media is even better than the peat thing

Most soilless substrates are natural nonrenewable resources which involve environmental damage. The CompoCharTM is a biochar growing substrate, made locally from wood wastes and composted sewage sludge. The CompoChar has available macro and micro elements, a great balance between water holding capacity, drainage, and aeration. In addition, 1 ton of CompoChar locks 1.2 ton of atmospheric CO2. Nadav Ziv is the CEO and R&D manager of Earth Biochar ltd. Education: BSc Medical Sciences, MSc Biochemistry, PhD Neurobiology. Earth biochar begun as a backyard solution for farm waste. Today Earth biochar is a partnership with OR recycling park, the biggest organic recycling facility in Israel.

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